Enterprise (NX-01)

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Enterprise NX-01

The USS Enterprise (NX-01) is a prototype starship developed by Earth's Starfleet with some assistance from the Vulcans. It is the setting for the series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Technical Specifications


The Enterprise was the first Earth-built starship to mount a warp drive capable of achieving Warp 5, although even that was mostly a theoretical limit.


When the ship left port, it was armed only with torpedoes of unspecified yield and low-power pulse weapons of unspecified type; both proved to be rather feeble compared to the weapons carried by the ships of other space-faring races at the time. The crew were able to install three phase cannons without returning to Earth for a refit, substantially improving the ship's combat capability. The ship's original torpedoes were eventually replaced with photonic torpedoes during a refit at Earth.


The NX-01 used polarized hull plating for defense. Like the ship's weapons, the primary defense proved quite weak compared to the shielding of its contemporaries.

Miscellaneous Subsystems

The Enterprise was the first Earth ship to mount a transporter system, but the device was not generally trusted and only used to transport living people as a last resort.

Notable Crew Members

Complete Lack of Lineage to Other Trek Ships

Despite there being on-screen evidence for spherical type starships shown throughout the earlier Trek shows; NX-01, looks like an Akira-class starship, albeit made a bit less fancy.