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Elves are humanoid sapients common in fantasy settings. They are based on mythological creatures of Norse origin.

Tolkien-inspired Elves

Modern fantasy elves (with some exceptions) trace their roots back to JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth universe. Typically elves are like humans in most respects, with a thin build, long ears, greater dexterity, and long lives (ranging from several centuries to biological immortality). Elves are often depicted as being smarter or more learned than human societies alongside them and have greater command of magic. Elves are usually depicted as having a lower reproductive rate than humans and are often depicted as being on the decline.

Elvish Soldiers are usually armed with longbows and are often adept scouts and skirmishers.

Often their are several varieties of elves.

  • High Elves: Advanced civilizations that build cities.
  • Wood Elves: Relatively primitive (or Luddite) civilizations that dwell in forest villages and are often territorial.
  • Dark Elves: Hostile and militaristic civilizations that dwell underground and have slavocratic economies

See also

  • Eldar: Unapologetic Space Elves
  • Vulcan: Exhibit some traits that can be considered elvish (ears, long lifespan, intelligence and psionic ability)
  • Asari: Aliens from Mass Effect that have many characteristics in common with elves.