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The Tyrant King of Lizards

Dinosaurs are an extinct order of animals of the superorder dinosauria which first emerged some 230 million years BCE, evolving from reptiles. Dinosaurs were the dominant reptiles for most of the Mesozoic Era, dying out during the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, after which mammals filled most of the niches that dinosaurs and large marine reptiles once held. Never the less, from a cladistic standpoint, dinosaurs still exist today in the form of birds.

Dinosaurs in Science Fiction

  • The Jurassic Park book and film series revolve around dinosaurs recreated in modern times from preserved DNA via cloning technology.[1]
  • The Voth in Star Trek: Voyager are a species of sapient hadrosaurs.[2]
  • In Mass Effect, it is possible to clone dinosaur-like creatures called kakliosaurs to serve as mounts for krogan soldiers. Unfortunately, the resulting creatures are never actually seen during the game.

Dinosaurs in Relation to SDN

Dinosaurs are occasionally brought up in RAR! threads, and developments in paleontology involving dinosaurs are a fairly commonly brought up in the Science, Logic and Morality forum. As one of the best known prehistoric lifeforms, dinosaurs come up fairly often in the Creation/Evolution debate.


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