Darth Malak

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Darth Malak
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"The search for Bastila is taking too long. We cannot risk her escaping Taris. Destroy the entire planet."




Sith Empire








A fallen Jedi, Darth Malak was the Sith apprentice and one-time friend of Darth Revan. Following the founding of Revan's Sith empire, he served as Revan's right hand.

During their invasion of the Old Republic in 4000 BBY, Malak directed a portion of Revan's fleet. Although Malak's strategic ability was less than that of Revan, he compensated by overwhelming brutality and terror tactics. His status as subordinate gradually caused him to rebel, resulting in Revan severing Malak's jaw with his lightsaber.

During a Jedi-led strike on Revan, Malak ordered his vessel to fire upon Revan's flagship, catching both Jedi and the Sith Lord off-guard. Malak, believing Revan to be dead, then assumed control of the Sith Empire.

Skills and Abilities

Aside from being physically powerful, Malak was a strong Force-user. His Sith training and past experience fighting the Mandalorians allowed him to defeat most Jedi opponents. Malak later used an artifact called the Star Forge to drain the energy of captured Jedi to supplement his own. He was proficient in several Dark Side techniques, including Force lightning.