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The Culture universe is a science fiction franchise created by Iain M Banks, and takes its name from the interstellar civilisation that most of the stories are centred around, the Culture. Generally considered to be extremely hard to defeat due to a combination of absurdly fast (AI-controlled) ship reaction times, the ability to attack someone in the normal universe from the safety of hyperspace, and heavy firepower.


  • Consider Phlebas (1987)
  • The Player of Games (1988)
  • Use of Weapons (1990)
  • The State of the Art (1991)
  • Excession (1996)
  • Inversions (1998)
  • Look to Windward (2000)
  • Matter (2008)


  • Affront
  • Azadians
  • Changers
  • Chelgrians
  • The Culture
  • Homomda
  • Idirans
  • Morthanveld
  • Nariscene
  • Oct
  • The Sublimed