Cronus' Ha'tak

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Cronus' mothership approaching a blue giant.

Cronus' Ha'tak was a Ha'tak-class Mothership owned by Cronus, Earth, Apophis, and lastly the Replicators. In 2001, SG-1 and their robotic counterparts captured this ship from Cronus on Juna. A few weeks later, SG-1 took the mothership to Vorash so that the Tok'ra could blow up their sun and destroy Apophis' fleet. They were successful, however the shockwave from the supernova proplled the ship 4,000,000 light-years to a galaxy with replicators in it. As Apophis engaged the replicators with his flagship, SG-1 took their mothership into the coronasphere of a blue giant in the system so that they could hide from the sensors of both ships while they repaired their ship. After repairing the ship, they left the coronasphere to find that Apophis' ship remained, though it wasn't reacting to their presence. SG-1 went onboard and retrieved some control crystals to replace the ones on their ship only to discover that Apophis' ship was infested with replicators and on a self destruct countdown. They took the hyperdrive control crystals immediately evacuated the ship. Taking their ha'tak, they raced away as fast as possible and then diverted all power to the shields to survive the explosion of Apophis' ship. They later encountered a Tel'tek with Teal'c, Apophis, and a small number of Jaffa on it. After being captured, SG-1 and Jacob waited for a little while and then Carter messed with the internal controls opening the doors. They were later captured and put back in their cell. Several hours later, the replicators opened the door and SG-1 took the chance to escape. Jacob Carter went immediately for the Tel'tak while SG-1 went and captured Teal'c. After capturing Teal'c, they tied him up and ringed him to the cargo ship. They then went to destroy the control crystals for the deceleration drive and return to the Tel'tak after doing so. They escaped the ship as it was on a collision course into Delmak[1]


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