Battle of Sector 001

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Battle of Wolf 359


2nd Battle of Bajor
Raid on Torros III

Battle of Sector 001

Borg incursion of 2373


November 23, 2373 (50893.5)


Typhon Expanse to Sector 001


Federation victory



Borg Collective


Admiral Hayes
Captain Picard

Borg Queen


500 ships

1 Borg Cube
1 Borg Sphere


300+ ships

all forces

The Battle of Sector 001 was a battle between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective.


The Battle of Sector 001 began far away in the Typhon Expanse, when a Borg cube was detected approaching the Federation border. Almost all Starfleet assets were redirected to intercept the cube, the major exception being the USS Enterprise, which was ordered to remain on guard near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The crew believed they were being kept away from the battle because Captain Picard had previously been assimilated by the Borg and was therefore not trustworthy. The Captain and crew of the Enterprise chose to disobey their orders and took the ship toward Earth at top speed.

The Battle

The Borg cube was intercepted near the Federation border, and Federation starships kept it under constant fire all the way to the Sol system. Attacked by far more than the 40 ships a cube defeated easily in the Battle of Wolf 359, this cube sustained heavy damage, but it was still fighting effectively, and it had left a trail of battered starships in its wake.

Above Earth, however, the Enterprise arrived. Although freed from Borg influence, Picard discovered that he was still able to "hear" the Collective when close enough to one of their cubes, and he was able to use that intelligence to his advantage, coordinating the remaining Federation ships to attack the most vulnerable parts of the cube. This concentrated fire was sufficient to destroy the already-damaged cube.

As the cube exploded, a Borg sphere emerged from it and generated a time warp through which it escaped into Earth's past. The Enterprise, closely pursuing the sphere, followed it into the past through the same time warp.

The Aftermath

The Borg sphere and the Enterprise emerged in the late 21st century, when Zephram Cochrane was in the final stages of developing humanity's first working warp drive, which would lead to first contact with the Vulcans. The Borg backup plan was apparently to defeat the Federation by assimilating Earth in the past, before the Federation formed. The crew of the Enterprise was able to defeat the Borg before returning to their own time.

Named Ships in the battle

  • USS Defiant (NX-74205)
  • USS Endeavour (NCC-71805)
  • USS Bozeman (NCC-1974)
  • USS Enterprise-E (NCC-1701-E)
  • USS Lexington (NCC-61832)
  • USS Excalibur (NCC-25617)
  • USS Budapest (NCC-64923)
  • USS Appalachia (NCC-52136)
  • USS Yaegar (NCC-61947)
  • USS Madison
  • USS Thunderchild (NCC-63549)