B'Elanna Torres

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B'Elanna Torres

"It's some sort of chromodynamic module powered by a tri-polymer plasma."


Human-Klingon hybrid


United Federation of Planets








B'Elanna Torres is the chief engineer on the starship USS Voyager, although she's nowhere near qualified for the job. She is another half-human/half-Klingon hybrid, and once again -- in direct contradiction to the laws of biology -- she marries Tom Paris, and they are able to conceive a child.


She was suspended from Starfleet Academy for disciplinary actions concerning her inability to control her temper. Later she joined the Maquis after Chakotay saved her life. It was during her time with the Maquis that she and the rest of Voyager's crew were transported to the Delta Quadrant.

Role in the Show

Episodes centered on Torres invariably are about one of three things.

  1. She's really mad about something.
  2. She needs to fix something. In other words, lots of technobabble.
  3. She's going to have sex with someone.


Torres doesn't know shit. --Sonnenburg

Like the rest of Voyager's crew, she shows a total lack of intelligence. As Chuck Sonnenburg points out, even using a tricorder, she failed to identify manure.[1]

She is responsible for the dreadnought missile that ended up in the Delta Quadrant, as well. Initially it was a Cardassian weapon, but she reprogrammed it to attack a Cardassian target, and it backfired as she tried to talk it out of striking an unintended target on the wrong side of the galaxy. The thing found a planet with similar characteristics to its intended target while ignoring all other sensor data (stars in the wrong positions, non-Federation/Cardassian ships in the vicinity, etc.) on the grounds that it believed it more likely that Torres had been captured and was lying to it.[2]

She is very casual with high-level command codes, using them in the presence of unauthorized personnel (namely Neelix) without any regard for the security of the ship's systems. She also does not remove unauthorized persons from Engineering during a system crisis, impairing the crew's ability to handle the situation.[3]

Racist Undercurrent

Torres's hot temper is routinely attributed to her half-Klingon parentage.


In the novel A Singular Destiny, she is confirmed as killed by the Borg during their invasion according to Casualty Report 92792382 Baker[4].


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