Atlantis (Stargate)

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Atlantis floating on the ocean.

Atlantis is a mobile city built by the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy.


Atlantis served as the Capital to the Ancient presence in the Pegasus Galaxy.

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  • Atlantis is powered by three Zero Point Modules. It can also draw power from an underwater geothermal station, Tau'ri Naquadah generators, solar panels on the city, and lightning strikes.[1]
  • The city is submersible, capable of resisting water pressure to unspecified depths.
  • The city is capable of lifting off from a planet's surface and making intergalactic flights.[2]
  • Atlantis has an Ancient drone weapon launching system, although its ammunition reserves were almost completely depleted during the war with the Wraith.
  • The city has several dozen Puddle Jumpers in several bays.


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