Andorian Empire

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Shran, an Andorian male
Tarah, a female Andorian
Shras, an Andorian from TOS
The Andorian Empire is an Alpha Quadrant power and founding member of the Federation. The Empire's homeworld is the moon Andoria, orbiting the Andor gas giant.


Andorians are a species of humanoids easily distinguishable by their blue skin and antennae. These antennae serve some sensory function, and they can regenerate if severed. They favor cold environments, but are capable of surviving in a wide range of temperatures, including ones that would prove fatal to humans. They are, however, easily exhausted.


In the mid 22nd century, the Andorian Empire was a powerful government and long-time rival of Vulcan. This rivalry had led to several notable incidents, including the creation and subsequent destruction of a Vulcan observation post beneath the monastery of P'Jem. Likewise, the Empire had fought a number of conflicts with Tellar.

Andorians of Note

  • Shran
  • Talas
  • Shras
  • Talla
  • Jhamel
  • Gareb
  • Lissan
  • Erib
  • Keval