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Alternate History is a genre of fiction based around historical events diverging from their historical path, and the consequences there-of. These range from plausable, such as having the British win the American Revolutionary War, to Implausable, such as having the Rural and largely unindustrialized CSA winning the US Civil War and emerging as a Major Power afterwards, to the just plain silly involving Alien Lizards invading during World War II. Alternate History is distinct from Science Fiction, although the two genres to frequently cross over each other.

A few Alternate History Authors include

  • Harry Turtledove
  • SM Stirling

Alternate History Terminology

  • ATL-Alternate Timeline, A timeline which has at some point diverged and has gone on an original course (example: one were the Roman Empire endures to this day)
  • OTL-Original (our) Timeline
  • POD-Point of Divergence, The point in time in which events in an alternate timeline have diverged with ours (Example: Adolf Hitler dies in the Great War)

Alternate History on

Alternate History is a somewhat popular Genre of Fiction among's population with a few pieces of Alternate History Fiction being made, most notably Drakafic. It is also freqeuntly the subject material of RAR! threads. SM Stirling has an account on the Forum, but he rarely uses it.