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Drakafic is a prominent set of locally made fan fiction created by several board members (most notably MKSheppard and The Duchess of Zeon) based on SM Stirling's Domination of the Draka series of alternate history books which involve, through a change in history in in the American Revolutionary War, the british annexation of South Africa in the late 18th century which is bolstered in population by loyalists, who gradually evolve into a society in which 90% of the population is kept as chattel slaves (or serfs) ruled over by a racist upper class of citizens who eventually take over the world and enslave its population.

Drakafic is done in responce to numerous technical errors (such as technologies conceived by Stirling that would not work, the fact that no-one ever responds to the actions of the Draka, and the fact that they were given near independance during the height of the British Empire). Drakafic focuses on the Eurasian War (Drakafic's analogue to the OTL Second World War). It has been very well thought out, and -- while currently less active than it used to be -- it still gets the odd cleanup or piece of fiction by a secondary writer.

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