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The family of Abrahamic religions is a group of faiths which can all trace their origins to the teachings or lineage of the patriarch Abraham. They share a belief in a single deity who created the world as we know it in seven days, and continues to interact with humans through various prophets. He is known as Yahweh to Jews, Allah to Muslims, and to Christians as...well, that's kind of complicated. Some believe God to be a single person, period, while others believe him to be a trinity of three "people" (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit) while still being a single person.

Abrahamitic Faiths

  • Judaism, the oldest of the Abrahamic faiths;
  • Christianity, which posits that a son of god, Jesus Christ, walked the Earth around 2000 years ago, and follows his teachings;
  • Islam, based on the teachings of the prophet Mohammed who lived in the 7th century AD.
  • Various minor faiths, some of them affiliated with or descended from the above, such as Bahá'í and the Druze faith.

Abrahamic religion on SD.net

A fair number of Christians and Jews are established on SD.net

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