Isaac Bishop Junior

aka Virus-X

Virus-X is a longtime poster on the MSN message boards who has been attacking me for quite some time. This in itself is not remarkable; if you post a site on the Internet saying that the Federation will get its butt kicked by the Empire, Trekkie anger is inevitable. However, his behaviour when confronted is remarkable; he tends to respond with threats of violence, and he denies instigating anything (indeed, he actually complains that I'm an "instigating bastard" for demanding that he debate me even after he had posted little gems such as:

"I've read his garbage, and Wong is one of the biggest liars, I've seen on the subject." (on MSN)

I don't know what the rules are like where you come from, but where I come from, when you say that somebody is "one of the biggest liars I've seen", them's fightin' words. And this was hardly the only example of him attacking me personally. If you're interested in any of his other inflammatory remarks, you can view a forum thread on his posting history here thanks to the illustrious Adam Gehrls, or you can consider a very small selection of his greatest quotes, such as:

"Dr. Saxton is not a theoretical physicist, but an astrophysicist." from MSN; he thinks astrophysicists aren't real physicists.

"Fireballs only occur when the explosion is over. What phase is left? IMPLOSION." from MSN; he says that a nuclear fireball doesn't occur until after the explosion!

"I don't need to watch films on nuclear weapons; I did enough of that in school, back in the Army, and the Navy completely disagrees with you. I'm prepared to say that people with years of professional training are right, and you're wrong." from MSN; he vaguely appeals to military expertise in order to dismiss documentaries, film evidence, physics textbooks, etc.

"According to Star Wars, the New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, the fastest the new X-wing class starfighter can hit is 3,700 G in space; that's about 37,000 kph. An A-wing can hit 5,100 G (about 51,000 kph)." from MSN; no, that's not a typo. He doesn't know the difference between acceleration and velocity.

"In the Republic of Panama, as an MP, never once have I EVER considered using a prisoner as a shield. If you were stupid enough to shoot at me, if you are stupid enough to shoot at me, while I have a prisoner, I will put the prisoner on the ground by force, then I WILL rush and kill you in a hail of bullets." from MSN; wow, what a tough guy. Funny thing; most soldiers I've talked to say that it's much more effective to drop to the ground and take aim at the enemy than it is to charge headlong toward him with a "hail of bullets".

So now that you know what kind of arguments and expertise we can expect, let us continue to the actual debate, shall we? After hearing of his latest attacks upon me, I finally got annoyed enough to challenge him to debate me.

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