Written: 1999-07-27
Last Revised: 2004-05-13

This section is designed to hold miscellaneous ramblings on various assorted subjects. Basically, if I didn't know where else to put it, I put it here.

General Science and Sci-Fi

Plasma Weapons
A frontal assault upon one of the most overused cliches in sci-fi: the "plasma weapon".
Planet Killers
A list of famous planet-killers with brief analyses.
How to Analyse Sci-Fi
Exactly what the title says.
Occam's Razor
Ever heard of Occam's Razor? Sick of people throwing it in your face? Well, here's an article on it.
Brain Bugs
Try to guess what I mean by "Brain Bugs" before you click on this one.
Commandments of Science Fiction
The peculiar rules of conduct in Star Wars and Star Trek.
Creationism vs Science
My other website.
Science, the Grand Illusion, and Other Neat Stuff
Some background on scientific method.
Quantum Mechanics in Science Fiction
My theory as to why the word "quantum" is heard more frequently in TNG, DS9, and Voyager than any other word.
Sci-fi Debating Fallacies
The most common deceptions employed by science fiction debaters, ie- how not to argue.

Star Trek vs Star Wars

Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes
For those of you who aren't patient enough to slog through calculations, derivations, and analysis of observations.
What is Canon?
An old subject, but an important one.
Hey, we all love battles.
Engineering and Star Trek
Most intelligent people know how Star Trek butchers science. How many people know that it slaughters engineering principles as well?
My Favourite Trekkie Arguments
Non-pseudoscience Trekkie arguments for your perusal.
Racism in Star Wars and Star Trek
My take on the allegations of racism against George Lucas and TPM, as well as the evidence of racism in Star Trek.
Star Trek Writing Standards
Ssshhh! I've discovered how the Star Trek writers come up with their stories!
The Economics of Star Trek
The Federation is Communist. Don't believe me, or don't believe that communism is bad? Hear me out first.
The Philosophy of Star Trek
A reader contribution.
The Technobabblator
A brief list of Star Wars quotes, as they would sound if spoken by Data.