Enterprise Busters!Do you have what it takes to become part of something greater than yourself? Do you have what it takes to serve the Empire? To help maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy? To stamp out the forces of evil and chaos that threaten the fabric of our society? If you do, then there is a place waiting for you in the Imperial Armed Forces' new EG Division.

What is EG? EG is the Imperial Armed Forces' Extra-Galactic Division (sometimes referred to as ExGal), which was created specifically to deal with alien threats and neutrals from outside our galaxy such as this mysterious human "Federation" that we have recently encountered. Its mission is to promote Imperial values and help bring the isolated, oppressed peoples of the Federation into the mainstream of Imperial society. It is also an intelligence-gathering organization, with a mandate to enhance our military, technological, and anthropological understanding of our long-lost human brethren.

Why join the Imperial Armed Forces? There are many reasons to join, from the comprehensive benefits plan to the knowledge that you are helping fulfill your civic duty by keeping the galaxy safe, the opportunity to discover new worlds and new places, and the advanced technical training that you can carry into a rewarding civilian career after your term of service ends. We also offer cash incentives for joining, and our popular Relocation Program, where you can have your family relocated to a Core world of your choice, with instant planetary citizenship and all moving expenses paid for, courtesy of the Empire.

Jarren KorrMeet Jarren Korr, seen here with some of the men under his command. Jarren Korr has had a diverse, rewarding, and distinguished career in the Imperial Army. In the Third Fornax Uprising, his squad was pinned down by heavy fire from a nearby pillbox. He exposed himself to enemy fire in order to launch a thermal detonator at the target: an act for which he received a commendation for valour. Now, he is a member of EG Division, specializing in alien contact. "It is incredibly rewarding work" he says. "These aliens have been living for hundreds of years without hyperdrive, without decent pan-galactic travel, without even simple necessities such as droids and bacta. They're constantly under threat of extinction from other species and even a cyborg army. By bringing them into the Empire, we bring them not just civilization, but hope for the future. It can be hard work; you will always find people who oppose change, even positive change such as the Empire brings. But it's well worth it."

Pre-Emptive Defense is more than just an Imperial doctrine dating back to the discovery of the Kerenos sector wormhole. For EG Division, pre-emptive defense is a way of life. It is a philosophy which guides our actions and informs us of our duty. Every member of EG Division knows this. Even after we annex this human "Federation", that duty will remain. Eternal vigilance.

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Are you ready to join the Empire? Or do you just want to read a bunch of articles on Star Wars and Star Trek military hardware? Either way, this is your site. Despite the somewhat facetious "Imperial Recruiter" introduction, this site actually attempts a serious (or at least, as serious as possible given the absurd subject matter) military comparison of Star Wars and Star Trek.

So how do you compare Star Wars and Star Trek military hardware? Well, there are lots of ways to approach this, and not all of them agree. My approach is to look at the hardware from an engineer's perspective, which is only natural given my personal background. However, there are numerous approaches, and surprisingly enough, people even disagree on what constitutes true Star Wars and/or Star Trek. So if you want to learn how to look at Star Wars and Star Trek military hardware, check out the following articles:

Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes: if you're the kind of person who buys Cliff Notes in order to save time, this is the link for you! I hope you'll eventually take the time to read more of the website, but if you don't have the patience for it, just go here.

Canon: what is "true" Star Wars and Star Trek? What can be considered "evidence"?

How to Analyze the Evidence: ground rules and a description of the two most popular approaches for analyzing sci-fi.

Sources and Abbrevations: a list of sources and common abbrevations found in typical Star Wars vs Star Trek online "discussions", aka "violent arguments" :)

Site FAQ: Get your questions answered here.


This is the first major rewrite of the main homepage in many years. If you're curious what the old version looked like, you can see it here.

A note on accuracy: all calculations on this website are somewhat imprecise, compared to real-life scientific or engineering work. Our observations are of a rather preliminary and imprecise nature, and we can't perform experiments to test hypotheses. Therefore, all calculations on this website should be treated as "back of envelope" calculations, and while individual calculations may employ greater precision, the resulting conclusions should be treated only as order-of-magnitude estimates. For example, if the figures show that one weapon is 50% more powerful than another, that should not be treated as conclusive evidence of superiority because the difference is too small. But if they show that it is a hundred times more powerful, then that would be fairly conclusive.

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