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Two Hiveships blasting the crap out of each other.

Wraith Hiveships are large hyperspace-capable spacecraft of Wraith manufacture. These massive, multi-kilometer-long spacecraft serve as mobile cities for the Wraith. Each Hiveship is capable of carrying thousands of Wraith Darts and is heaviy armed. These ships house massive stasis facilities to keep the majority of their population in suspended animation, as well as facilities for the processing and storage of human beings for consumption.

Hiveships Destroyed

  • 1 destroyed when Peter Grodin used the Ancient Satellite Weapon on it.[1]
  • 1 destroyed when John Sheppard used took a Genii nuke into it.[2]
  • 3 destroyed when the Daedalus beamed nukes aboard them.[3]
  • 2 destroyed each other after Sheppard decieved both Wraith queens.[4]
  • 1 destroyed by the Orion.[5]
  • 1 captured Hiveship destroyed by another hiveship.[6]
  • 1 destroyed by the Odyssey.[7]
  • 2 destroyed firing on each other.[8]
  • 1 destroyed during the Battle of Asuras.[9]
  • 1 destroyed when it rammed a Wraith cloning facility.[10]
  • 1 destroyed by Teyla's Hiveship.[11]
  • 12+ destroyed by the Asurans during their campaign against the Wraith.[12]
  • 1 destroyed after being infected with a virus caused by Dr. Keller's gene therapy.[13]
  • 1 ZPM powered Hiveship was destroyed by detonating a nuke inside it over Earth.[14]


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