Weapons and Vehicles of the Eldar

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This article is an index of Eldar Weaponry, Military Vehicles and technology.

Land Vehicles

  • Falcon Gravtank The standard Eldar chassis, it is capable of mounting various weapons, as well as transporting a small unit, it is a very fast, and combat effective grav-tank
  • Fire Prism Fire Prisms are advanced anti-armor vehicles based on the Falcon Gravtank chassis, armed with an advanced anti vehicle energy cannon using a massive synthetic crystal for it's lens.
  • War Walker A single-man walker, the War Walker acts a mobile fire platform for Eldar heavy weapons. It's light armor is made up for by its agility and speed.
  • Grav Bike Using advanced anti-grav technology, the jetbike is used to rapidly move assault troops into battle, similar to a speeder.
  • Wave Serpent A variant of the Falcon, the Wave Serpent forgoes the improved turret and mounts a lighter weapon, as well as increased troop transportation capacity.

Aircraft and Dropships

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  • Shuriken Catapult Shurikun catapults are among the most common Eldar weapons. Shuriken catapults are artifical-gravity-based projectile weapons that fire small, flat objects (generally disc shaped, triangular or star shaped) with monomolecular cutting edges at high velocity. Shuriken weapons have a very high rate of fire.
  • Deathspinner used by the Warp Spider category of Aspect Warrior, Deathspinners discharge webs of high velocity monofiliments that can cut through flesh and armor.
  • Fusion Gun Fusion guns generate blasts of extremely intense heat that can vaporize flesh and melt through heavy armor, albeit at a short range.
  • Mandiblaster A helmet-mounted miniature laser cannon fired by a thought from the wearer, the Mandiblaster allows the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warrior wearing it to effectively wield three close combat weapons.
  • Lance Utilizing a concentrated energy beam, the lance allows any armor to be punched through, no matter the thickness, given enough time.
  • Brightlance Brightlances are an advanced anti-vehicle laser used by the Eldar.
  • Distortion Cannon Distortion Cannons (generally abreviated to D Cannons) are specialized weapons which open tiny portals to the Immaterium which suck in material in the immediate area. Both vehicle mounted and handheld versions are employed.

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Misc Technology

  • Mesh Armor Mesh armor is the most common type of Eldar Body Armor, offering comparable protection to Imperial Flak Armor at considerably reduced weight and allowing for a much greater freedom of movement. Typically in the form of skintight bodysuits.
  • Banshee Mask This article of headgear worn by Howling Banshee aspect warriors has a built in sonic pulse emitter which disorients foes in close quarters.
  • Wraithlord Similar in size to the war walker, the Wraithlord contains the spirit of a dead Eldar warrior, giving them a body in which they may fight.
  • Wraith Guard A somewhat smaller cousin to the Wraithlord, usually deployed in squads.
  • Grav Platform Used to carry heavy weapon elements into the field, the platform comes in two sizes, one for infantry support, and the other for tactical support roles, which mount more exotic weaponry.