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A Warlock-class destroyer firing weapons.
A Warlock-class destroyer being attacked by Centauri ships.
A Warlock-class ship firing its particle beam cannons.

The Warlock-class destroyer is an advanced Earth Alliance capital warship in Babylon 5. It is notable for being the first class of Earth starship with artificial gravity. The EAS Titans is a notable ship of the Warlock-class.

Little is known about these ships from the B5 series. They were introduced after the Shadow War, and their only appearance on screen was a glimpse in The Lost Tales. They appear to have the same dual beam weapons featured on Omega-class destroyers, as well as a hangar for fighters and additional pulse weapons and interceptors. The addition of artificial gravity likely allows them to accelerate harder and remain deployed longer than earlier classes of EarthForce warship.


According to secondary sources,[1] the Warlock-class has the following specifications:

  • Length: 1992.4 meters
  • Crew: 1,200
  • Armament
    • 12 Large Missile Silos
    • 16 Small Missile Silos
    • 2 Particle Beam Cannons
    • 9 Heavy Phased Plasma Cannon Turrets
    • 3 Heavy Railgun Turrets
    • 4 Medium Phased Plasma Cannon Turrets
    • 9 Light Phased Plasma Cannon Turrets
    • 12-16 Short ranged Phased Plasma Cannon Turrets
  • Engines
    • 4 Upgraded Particle Thrust Engines
    • 2 Hybrid Gravitic Engines
  • Auxiliary Craft

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