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Vorcha are a humanoid race from the planet Heshtok in Mass Effect.


Vorcha are the least intelligent of the sapient races in the Mass Effect setting, and their technological development is poor compared to the rest of the galaxy. They also have very short life expectancies, living only about twenty years if not killed in combat sooner.

Vorcha are similar in size and build to humans. They lack body hair, and their faces are distinguishable by air vents on their foreheads (the purpose of these vents is unclear). Their greatest advantage is their ability to regenerate from injuries very quickly, making them extremely resilient in combat. Vorcha are also immune to all known diseases.


Unless organized by an outside force, vorcha form into loosely governed packs that support themselves primarily by raiding and scavenging. Vorcha have never been known to spontaneously form more advanced governments that could manage populations of thousands or more, but they have been known to adapt to more organized lifestyles when removed from their native environments by other races.

Threat Assessment

Vorcha are far too disorganized to pose an independent threat to any space-faring civilization, although they will prey on isolated settlements, shipwrecked crews, and similarly distressed populations. They are typically only dangerous when operating as part of a more disciplined force, such as the Blood Pack mercenary organization.

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