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The Volus are a a client species of the Turian Hierarchy in Mass Effect, originating from the planet Irune.


Volus are humanoids who stand about a meter tall and typically have a rotund build. Having evolved on a world with high atmospheric pressure, they wear environment suits at all times when visiting the Citadel and most other populated planets; without the suit, a volus's skin would rupture if exposed to an environment with only one Earth atmosphere of pressure. Compared to most other humanoids, volus are neither strong nor agile, making them relatively unsuited to combat.


Volus are organized under the Vol Protectorate, a client state of the Turian Hierarchy. By and large, they avoid fighting, seeking to resolve conflicts through negotiation. This cultural preference has lead them to become some of the most successful and prolific merchants in the galaxy.

Threat Assessment

While they avoid fighting, the Vol Protectorate does have the technology to build advanced weapons. They primarily use their know-how to build weapons and ships for others, but they do maintain their own space fleet, and they built one of the largest and most advanced dreadnoughts in the galaxy for the Turian navy. While not a major threat on their own, they are valuable allies for more aggressive civilizations.