Victory-class star destroyer mk 1

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A Victory-class star destroyer.

The Victory-class Star Destroyer is a capital ship created by Rendili StarDrive during the Clone Wars.

Design Elements

At 900 meters in length, the Victory-class ranks among the smallest and least powerful star destroyer-type vessels. The primary role of the Victory-I variant is in planetary assault and defence; it is among the largest ships capable of effective operation inside a planet's atmosphere. By contrast, performance in deep-space battle is lacking, which resulted in the creation of the Victory-II variant.

The Victory-I's armament includes turbolasers, concussion missiles, and tractor beam emitters. It carries two squadrons of TIE Fighters, several support vehicles, and a ground force of regiment-level strength plus support. During the Empire, this class of ship was relegated to a secondary role, serving as planetary garrison vessels, reserve fleet elements, and patrol ships.


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