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Grinning Moon is another worthless palm-fucker who thinks he gets to decide what is and is not true Star Wars based on his own personal preferences for the material and finds it amusing to vandalize other people's private property.

(Hey, if making a single, credible argument based on real world military technology vs ridiculous sci-fi military technology makes me a 'worthless palm-fucker', so be it.

Swell counter-argument, by the way.

Edit undone, barring an actual counter-argument or - at the very least - an explanation as to why such material is considered 'vandalization')

(EDIT: Grinning Moon, for those interested, is actually a 23-year old male Edmontonian named Kevin R. Brown, who has no problem with being personally accountable for the statements he makes. Unlike most folks who write things like what's showcased above on the internet, tucked safely away behind an anonymous handle).

You didn't bother to do any real research. You claimed, for example that there were no camo-troops in the Empire even though such are clearly shown in ROTS. You completely dismissed the prequels out of hand based on your personal preferences. And the topic is Star Wars vs Star Trek, not SW vs real life USA. If it were, the Imperials wouldn't need to bother with ground troops. They'd just nuke Earth from orbit.--Darth Servo 14:45, 29 February 2008 (EST)