USS Voyager

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U.S.S. Voyager, aka Ship of Fools
Voyager has a lot of shuttles.
The Voyager crew often had to improvise when dealing with structural integrity.

Class: Intrepid
Registry: NCC-74656
Captain: Kathryn Janeway

Not-so notable crew

Crewmembers we'd rather forget about


The USS Voyager is an Intrepid-class vessel that was assigned to a mission to locate a missing Maquis vessel that was commanded by Chakotay. The reason that he ship was assigned to the mission was because the vessel's security chief had been assigned to infiltrate the crew as part of an undercover mission. During the mission, the ship followed the course of the lost ship into an area that is known as the Badlands. The pulled into the Delta-Quadrant by the entity that came to be known as the Caretaker. The force of the Caretaker's array resulted in massive casualties to the crew of Voyager. Once they had tracked down the vessel commanded by Chakotay, they soon discovered the Caretaker's Array. They were soon brought over to the array and after they were analyzed by the systems of the array they found two of their crew were now missing.

They followed a beam of energy being admitted by the Array to the home planet of the Ocompa. On their way way there, they came across a ship junkyard where they encountered Neelix and his cargo ship. He convinced them by lying to the crew to assist him rescuing his girlfriend, Kes. Kes revealed that the missing crew members must be located in the Ocompa's habitat located under the planet's surface. It was during this attempt to rescue Kes that Neelix introduced the crew of Voyager to the Kazon. He further caused issues for the crew when he destroyed water tanks that they had provided to assist in the rescue of Kes. This lead to a continued animosity with the Kazon for the entirety of their journey back towards the Alpha-Quadrant. Once they had rescued the missing crewmen, they returned to the array and found that the Caretaker was dying and this left his Array unoccupied. In order to keep the station of of the hands of the Kazon, Captain Janeway destroyed the Array.

After a long journey through the Delta-Quadrant, the ship eventually made their way to Borg space and there the Captain made alliance with the Borg against Species 8472. They captured a Borg drone by the designation of Seven-of-Nine after the Borg's inevitable betrayal once Species 8472 had been driven back into fluidic space. She was soon incorporated into the crew as they continued to make their way back towards the Alpha-Quadrant. They eventually found their way to a Borg transwarp hub. With the assistance of an Admiral Janeway from the future they managed to both use the hub to return to Earth and destroy the hub. Thankfully, the left Neelix in the Delta-Quadrant.