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[[Category: ST Starships|Prometheus, (NCC-74913), USS]]

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  • Registry: NX-74913
  • Class: Prometheus
  • Captain: unknown

The USS Prometheus (NX-74913) is the prototype for Prometheus-class Federation starships. Romulan spies managed to hijack the ship and attempted to return to Romulan space with it, but they were thwarted by the combined efforts of the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram and the EMH from the USS Voyager, who had transmitted himself to the Prometheus in an effort to contact the Federation from the Delta Quadrant.[1] In 2377, the USS Prometheus was part of the fleet that was present when USS Voyager returned home.[2]


  • Is not to be confused with the Similarly named ship from Stargate.
  • The registry of the USS Prometheus says NX-59650 on the hull, but the okudagrams and dedication plaque say NX-74913. The producers generally say that the Prometheus' registry is NX-74913.


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