USS Enterprise (Star Trek 2009)

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The USS Enterprise blows blows some shit up.

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the new Star Trek movie is a far larger vessel than the original series starship that inspired it.

Technical Data

  • The new Enterprise is capable of at least Warp 4, but it is not clear whether the warp speed scale used in the movie is consistent with warp speeds from earlier series.
  • The Enterprise has numerous phaser emitters and photon torpedo launchers distributed around the rim of its saucer section. The firepower of these weapons is not yet known. They are used to good effect in a point-defense role.
  • The Enterprise has "hull-hugging" shields of unspecified strength.
  • The crew complement of the Enterprise has not been specified, but it is presumably well over a thousand.
  • The shuttle bay of the Enterprise can dock numerous shuttles in racks on each side of the bay.
  • The transporter system of the Enterprise can transport objects and people over interplanetary and even interstellar distances, although accurately targeting transporter beams at such distances requires specialized software from the future (late 24th century).