USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

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Class: Sovereign
Registry: NCC-1701-E
Captain: Jean-Luc Picard

The USS Enterprise-E is the most recent Starfleet vessel to carry the name Enterprise.

Technical Data

The Enterprise-E is a Sovereign-class starship, currently the most advanced and powerful Federation starship in service. An amalgam of design elements and technologies developed in Starfleet's efforts to modernize and prepare the fleet for Borg incursions, the Enterprise sports a series of systems that make her a formidable war machine as well as allowing her to continue the tradition of exploration and discovery that her predecessors fulfilled magnificently.


The Enterprise-E entered service on October 30, 2372[1], just over a year after the destruction of the Enterprise-D. Commanded by Jean-Luc Picard throughout its service so far, the Enterprise has taken part in the Battle of Sector 001, the First Contact between Humans and Vulcans, critical diplomatic missions during the Dominion War, the battle for the planet of the Ba'ku, and the Romulan Insurrection led by Shinzon, halting his attempted destruction of Earth in a devastating battle that left the Enterprise a crippled wreck after defeating Shinzon's flagship, the Scimitar. The last time we see the Enterprise-E, she is in Earth space dock for massive refits and repairs.



  1. according to the dedication plaque because Stardate 49827.5 equals October 30, 2372.