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The Odyssey over Orilla in 2007.

The USAF Odyssey is a Daedalus-class battlecruiser operated by the United States Air Force from early 2006 and on. It currently has a ZPM adding more power to it.



In early 2006, the Odyssey was pressed into service after the destruction of the USAF Prometheus over Tegalus. It's first mission was to rescue SG-1 from the Lucian Alliance. and At the time, the Odyssey's systems were only at ninety percent. It rescued SG-1 went to Nerus' location to get the Stargates stolen by Ba'al. When the Lucian Alliance arrived, the Odyssey attempted to defend the mothership long enough for SG-1 to complete their mission. It managed to get the stargates, but they couldn't get SG-1, as they had already escaped through one of the stargates on Ba'al's mothership before it was destroyed. They retreated when the Lucian Alliance targetted them[1]

It's second mission was to rescue SG-1 and the IOA representatives when the bug R-75 escaped containment in the Gamma Site. It was also ordered to release a powerful neurotoxin into the atmostphere to kill all the bugs. It managed to rescue SG-1 and the IOA representatives from the planet[2]

It also participated in the Battle of P3Y-229 in mid 2006. Before the battle, it beamed Carter onto the Supergate to replace one of the control crystals so theyt could dial out before the Ori could dial in, but failed. In the battle, they lost engines, subspace communications, and several other systems. It survived the battle and managed to rescue Mitchell and Carter, but the Lucian Alliance attempted to take the vessel. They were stopped when Bra'tac arrived with three motherships to defend the Odyssey. Several hourse later, the Odyssey rescued Bra'tac and SG-1 before the Ha'tak rammed one of the mothership as well as Daniel Jackson and Vala.[3]

Several weeks later, the Odyssey traveled to Atlantis to transport supplies and dial to the supergate using a stargate orbiting a black hole. They managed to succeed when they beamed the final two warheads onto a hiveship. The activation of the supergate destroyed an Ori Mothership[4]. Sometime later, the Odyssey rescued SG-1 from an Ori Mothership over the planet Dakara[5].

The Odyssey was hijacked by a member of the Lucian Alliance named Anateo. He murder Colonel Emerson and forced Carter to fix the Odyssey. Daniel and Vala managed to save Carter by beaming away Anateo. They saw him bounce off the window on the bridge and die in space. The Odyssey also managed to rescue Teal'c and Colonel Mitchell before escaping[6].


After the Asurans failed attempt at capturing Atlantis, the Odyssey received one the ZPMs[7]. Later, the Odyssey gained, a cloaking device when Daniel Jackson made several modifications using Merlin's knowledge. O'Neill beamed up SG-1 before the Ori Mothership they were on before it entered the supergate back to the Ori Home Galaxy delivering Merlin's weapon killing the Ori[8]. Later, SG-1 took the Odyssey to prevent Teal'c from killing Arkad[9]. Later, the Odyssey destroyed most of the cargo ships that the Illac Renin[10]. The Odyssey also captured Adria from Ba'al, but she ascended[11].

In mid 2007, the Odyssey went to Orilla at the request of the Asgard. The Asgard installed their most current technology onboard the Odyssey including weapons, shields. sensors, hyperdrive, computer core, and several more technologies. After the refit, the Odyssey was attacked by three Ori Motherships. Two of them headed for the planet while the other followed the Odyssey. Orilla exploded destroying two of the motherships and damaging the shields of the last one. The Odyssey quickly destroyed the third ship. In the Milky Way, the Odyssey encountered two motherships several times. The last time, the Odyssey destroyed one of them, but was almost destroyed by the second. SG-1 managed to seperate the hyperdrive from the Asgard core[12].

A few months later, the Odyssey took SG-1 to the Ori Home Galaxy to find the Ark of Truth. James Marrick accessed the Asgard Core and created a Replicator to infest the Ori fleet with. He was quickly discovered and thrown in the brig. The Ori quickly found them and the Odyssey escaped into hyperspace stranding Daniel, Vala, Teal'c and Tomin on Celestis. The Odyssey eventually exited hyperspace because the Replicators had multiplied and taken control of so many systems. The Ori quickly followed them and began firing on the Odyssey. The crew decided to destroy the Replicators and find the shutdown code. Mitchell fought a replicator controlled Marrick and was getting his ass kicked and eventually detonated ansome C4 to incinerate Marrick. Carter and Marks found the shutdown code and deactivated the Replicators. The Ark of Truth was eventually discovered and the Ori crusade came to an end. For the next few months afterword, the Odyssey was being repaired around Earth[13].


In early 2009, the Odyssey was on a top secret mission the Col. Caldwell wasn't even supposed to know about[14]


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