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The Daedalus in space.

The USAF-Daedalus was the first ship of her class. It's IFF code is IFF-09XR3[1]



Early schematics of the Daedalus.

The Daedalus was first launched in mid-2005 when Stargate Command learned that the Wraith were going to attack Atlantis. After SG-1 got the ZPM from ancient Egypt, they used it to dial to Atlantis and send a squad of Marines and railguns to defend Atlantis until the Daedalus arrived. The Daedalus was equipped with a ZPM so that it could reach Atlantis in four days as opposed to the normal eighteen days. When the Daedalus arrived, they beamed Sheppard out of the Jumper he was in as it entered the Hive-Ship. Colonel Caldwell had the ZPM beamed down to Atlantis and installed while he took care of the other ships. The Daedalus beamed a nuclear device into the remaining Hive-Ship. The cruisers promptly retreated and the darts attempting to destroy Atlantis in a kamikaze run which was unsuccessful. The Daedalus' next mission was to intercept twelve Hive-Ships and their cruiser escorts. The Daedalus managed to destroy two Hive-Ships by beaming nukes onboard before the Wraith jammed the Asgard Transporters. The Daedalus immediately retreated back to Atlantis. [2]

A few weeks later, the Daedalus crew discovered that the Daedalus had been infected with a Wraith computer virus that attempted to kill the crew and deliver the Daedalus into Wraith hands. In order to eradicate the virus, the long range sensors and subsace comm array had to be destroyed. The virus was ultimately eradicated when Sheppard and McKay destroyed the F-302 that the virus took over.[3]

The Daedalus also protected Sheppard and McKay while they were fleeing from Dorounda when Project Arcturus was about to explode.[4]

The Daedalus also took Sheppards team to the location of the Ancient Warship Aurora. When they arrived, they saw a Wraith Scout Ship next to the Aurora and destroyed the scout with utter ease. It subsequently detected two Cruisers on route. The Daedalus withdrew, but not before Shepard got the Aurora self destruct code and detonated the ship destroying the Wraith Cruisers.[5]

Several weeks later, the Daedalus was sent to destroy a Hive Ship with Sheppard's team onboard it. When they arrived Edowin, they discovered that there were two Hive Ships there instead of just one. Caldwell decided to engage the ships anyways, though ultimately Col. Sheppard managed use the distrust between the two hives to his advantage and escape while the ships destroyed each other.[6]

The Daedalus was returning to Earth from a resupply mission when they recieved a message from Stargate Command about a bomb that the Trust had placed placed inside Atlantis. it later returned to Atlantis to aid in the investigation and later ferry people away from Atlantis. it was later revealed that Colonel Caldwell was an unwilling agent of the Trust who had disabled the safeties on the ZPM so that it would overload. [7]


In early 2006, the Daedalus was sent to Tegalus to see the what had becoming of the two nations on the planets.[8]. During one visit to Atlantis, Hermiod felt the need to affect repairs to the Daedalus' hyperdrive.[9]. The Daedalus also evacuated several hundred people from the planet Taranis when a supervolcano was going to erupt.[10] One month later, the Daedalus and Orion are outside the range of a Wraith Hive Ship that has Michael aboard it. Michael's Hive made an alliance with the Atlantis Expedition. Michael's queen was interested in the retrovirus and they managed to perfect the aerosol form for it. The first test was an utter failure as the delegation was destroyed and the other Hive firing on Michael's hive. The Daedalus intercepted the fight and protected Michael's Hive until it could escape. The Daedalus escaped after the jumper they sent returned to them. The second test was actually a trap as both Michael's Hive and a different one attacked the Daedalus as it exited hyperspace. The Daedalus launched F-302s to combat the darts. After several minutes of combat, the two Hives went into hyperspace on a course from Earth[11]. The Daedalus went back to Atlantis for repairs and several hours later, it was repaired. Dr. Weir sent the Daedalus along with the Orion to destroy the two Hive Ships. The Daedalus arrived first and launched all of its nukes at the Hives. Only one got through however. The Orion arrived a minute later and destroyed one of the Hive Ships, but it had to transfer power from shields to weapons. The unshielded Orion was destroyed several minutes later, but the Daedalus managed to beam the crew off in time. The Daedalus also rescued Col. Sheppard, Dr. McKay, Ronon, and Michael from a Wraith Scout Ship. The Daedalus also did significant damage to the remaining hive by firing on the dart bays. It lost shields and took damage to its life support systems[12]. The Daedalus managed to get back by docking with Michael's Hive and transporting the crew onto the hive. The Daedalus was then released and landed in Atlantis to be repaired. After a few days, the Daedalus was repaired and rescued Sheppard and his team[13]. Several weeks later, the Daedalus detected an Aurora-class Warship traveling at .999c. They managed to get the ship to slow down and communicate with them. Several weeks later, the Daedalus was sent to nuke Atlantis. It didn't have to nuke Atlantis because Sheppard's team managed to retake the city[14].


The Daedalus was essential in protecting Atlantis from a coronal mass ejection[15]. The Daedalus spent the next two months doing recon on the Asurans and discovered that they were building ships to attack Earth with[16]. In mid 2007, the Daedalus and Apollo were refitted with the Asgard Plasma Beam Weapons. they destroyed numerous Asuran Warships and participated in the Battle of Asuras[17].


The Daedalus was in orbit of Earth when the Wraith invaded Stargate Command. They beamed up Ronon and headed for the Midway Station only to find it destroyed and a lone jumper. They brought the Jumper onboard and went to Atlantis[18]. The Daedalus was sent to one of Michael's research labs and discovered Dr. Beckett[19]. The Daedalus helped rescue the rescue team, Sheppard, Ronon, and Teyla at M2S-445 when the complex imploded. They destroyed Michael's Cruiser[20]. It would later transport Dr. Richard Woolsey to Atlantis[21] After the battle, the Daedalus returned to Atlantis and Teyla took some basic training on 304 operations from Major Marks which came in handy when Sheppard's team was on an alternate Daedalus.[22]. The Daedalus later returned to Atlantis with Dr. McKay's sister[23] Several months later, the Daedalus met with Todd's Hive Ship. Todd hijacked the Daedalus and took it to destroy the Attero Device[24]. The Daedalus was sabotaged by Ronon and the Daedalus lost weapons and hyperdrive. The hyperdrive was repaired and Todd set the Daedalus on a collision course with the Attero Device. Todd escaped and the Daedalus crew retook the ship. Major Marks managed to get back into the ship after the Travelers rescued the ship from colliding with the Attero Device. The Daedalus later retrieved a stargate from the inactive Intergalactic Bridge[25].


In 2009, the Daedalus was dispatched with Col. Sheppard's team to the location where the ZPM powered Hive ship was. The Daedalus engaged the Hive Ship, but was disabled in a dozen shots. It took a few weeks to get the engines back online and return to Atlantis[26]


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