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The United Earth Space Probe Agency is an organisation within the Federation tasked with deep-space exploration. While initially independent, it was merged with Starfleet Command sometime before 2143[1].


UESPA was founded in the early 21st century, between 2032[2] and 2069. Barely six years after Cochrane's first warp flight the agency was sending warp-capable probes out into deep space[3].

By the 22nd century UESPA and Starfleet combined their efforts[4], with UESPA personnel assisting in the design of Starfleet vessels[5][6]. The last known UESPA-operated vessel was VK Velikan, launched in 2160[7].

By the 23rd century, Starfleet vessels performed certain mission under UESPA authority[8]. The agency oversaw civilian traffic within the Federation[9].

Current status

It is unknown whether UESPA still operates in the 24th century and beyond.


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