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  • Captain: Helia
  • Class: Aurora
  • Registry: unknown

The Tria was an Aurora-class battleship built by the ancients during their war with the Wraith. During the war, it was attacked by a fleet of Wraith ships and promptly retreated. After learning about the evacuation back to Earth, it source for Earth. During the trip, its hyperdrive was fried and it was forced to limp back to Earth at .999c. 10,000 years later, it was encountered by the Daedalus near the Midway station. After making contact, the Tria slowed down and the crew was transported to the Daedalus. When they reached Atlantis, the Ancients promptly took over the city and evicted the Atlantis Expedition back to Earth. A few weeks later, the Tria crew were killed when the Asurans invaded Atlantis.[1] Currently, it is assumed that the Tria is still in the void in between galaxies.


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