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Transformers is a popular toy franchise from the 1980s. It features robots that can transform into various vehicles, weapons, animals and everyday items such as cassette recorders. Spin-offs of the original toyline included a comic book series, TV cartoon and an animated film.

The brand was revitalized in 1996 with the advent of Beast Wars, where the robots transformed into real biological animals on prehistoric Earth. Subsequent series returned to the classic mechanical designs. New toys and merchandising continue to be produced to this day.

The latest incarnation of the franchise has been in the form of a live action movie trilogy, the first part of which was released in July 2007. A new animated series is currently in production.

Fans of the franchise can discuss news concerning these robots in disquise in the private usergroup Cybertron. Mike uses the head of the largest transformer ever - Unicron - for the avatar for the board admin profile.