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Taken from the Stardestroyer.net Chronicles. Incomplete, mostly due to laziness, all current product is made by Fgalkin

General Timeline

Note: All dates are EST.

Jun 28, 2002- Mike Wong opens the AotC discussion board.

Jul 02, 2002- Satisfied with the way the AotC board performed, Mike creates the SDN bbs. There is much rejoicing in the universe! Registration is still closed, though, and the board is not visible to the public, so perhaps the rejoicing is limited to Mike.

Jul 03, 2002- Mike opens registration. Many readers of his site register. The same day, a thread about the new board is created at SB.com, which draws many SBer's to SDN, among them a SB newbie named fgalkin.

Jul 05, 2002- Robert Scott Anderson aka DarkStar aka Guardian 2k aka Scooter and John Clark aka ASU Coward join SDN. RSA makes his first post here. The evil was here to stay.

Jul 07, 2002.- The Attack of Sith God the VI. Azeron joins the board (but remains quiet for a while)

Jul 08, 2002.- LordChaos is appointed mod of PSW. IDMR becomes mod of the Science and Logic forum and the Other Sci-fi forum. Deimos Anomaly joins the board.

Jul 09, 2002.- Sith God becomes the first user to be banned by Mike, after a uninanimous banning poll.

Jul 12, 2002.- User099 joins the board

Jul 18, 2002.- User099 becomes the borard's first village idiot (as seen here), after a mere 6 days. DarkStar gets his VI immediately afterwards.

Jul 19, 2002.- David proposes a new system of user ranks. It was accepted and is still used today, with a few modifications.

Jul 20, 2002.- Azeron begins posting at SDN. His first thread is located here.

Jul 22, 2002. John Clark makes his infamous hacking threat here and is promptly banned by Mike. The board is still here. Kuja makes a poll for the creation of the Fanfic forum.

Aug 01, 2002.- Azeron earns his Village Idiot title (as seen here

Aug 03, 2002.- The Fanfic forum is created.


Sep 12, 2002: Kelly Antilles joins the board: Toward the bottom of the page

Sep 19, 2002.- The Hall of Shame is created in responce to the WCotC invasion. Crown, Evil Jerk, Wicked Pilot and NecronLord are the original Horsemen.

Sep 25, 2002._ Raoul Duke Jr. joins the board. <...> Oct 12, 2002.- Trinity vs Mary Poppins thread.

Nov 02, 2002.- The Artwork and Photos forum is created.


Feb 08-09, 2003.- The Weekend of Hell. The AIIF us disolved.

Mar 22, 2003.- The News and Politics forum is created as a responce to the cluttering of OT with threads regarding the events of the Iraq War.


Apr 10, 2003.- The Gaming and Computers forum is created.


May 29, 2003.-Realizing the need for other admins beside himself, Mike appoints Sceptre, the first (and still mysterious) admin. The Wookiee, originally known as Chewbacca, (aka Dalton) follows.

Jun 03, 2003.- Son of the Suns (David) becomes an admin.

17 Aug 2003: Kelly Antilles leaves the board officially for the last time: Goodbye in the middle of page 2

<...> Sep 21, 2003.- Krechet becomes Admin, following David's hiatus


Dec 04, 2003.- "All you FUQs HERE", a thread dedicated to compiling SDNs best quotations is created.

May 27, 2004.- Everyone's favorite Sex forum, ARSE, is created.

Jun 23, 2004.- "The Refuge from Political Correctness" Darth Wong creates a thread for all the most politically incorrect things SDNetters can say.

July 18, 2004.- fgalkin becomes mod of OSF. Beowulf becomes mod of N&P

July 21, 2004.- Montcalm leaves the board.

Jul 27, 2004.- Kojikun is banned by Mike after a ban poll.


Jun 02, 2005.-Board forum policy changed.


Nov 28 2002 - The first zero-post account purge. ~200 accounts deleted. Mar 28 2003 - The board reaches 1337 members for the first time. May 10 2003 - The second zero-post account purge. >200 accounts deleted. Jun 17 2003 - The board reaches 1337 members for the second time. Jul 13 2003 - The board reaches 1337 members for the third time, apparently. Feb 02 2004 - The third zero-post account purge. ~140 accounts deleted. Jun 09 2004 - The fourth zero-post account purge. ~150 accounts deleted. Dec 19 2004 - The fifth zero-post account purge. ~250 accounts deleted. May 17 2005 - The sixth zero-post account purge. 264 accounts deleted. Feb 05/06 2006 - The seventh zero-post account purge. ~270 accounts deleted. Apr 04 2006 - The eighth zero-post account purge. 221 accounts deleted. May 06 2006 - Micro-purge. ~20 spam accounts deleted. Jan 17 2007 - The ninth zero-post account purge. 1120 accounts deleted. Sep 19 2007 - The tenth zero-post account purge. 1886 accounts deleted.