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The Salvation War is a highly popular story series originally published in the Fanfics forum on SDN. The chief author is Stuart Slade, although both Stravo and Surlethe have contributed. Briefly, the story follows an alt-universe story wherein heaven and hell are real, and heaven declares that, from now on, all humans who die will go to hell, and orders all humans to lie down and die. Satan consequently declares Earth a conquest; however, the surviving humans will not go under lightly and declare war on hell. The story explores themes of betrayal, self-reliance, and especially the dichotomy between inflexible dogmatic thinking and flexible scientific analysis.

Stas Bush has writen an side story which has been canonized by Stuart known as "Don't wake me while I'm quiet"


  • James Randi
  • George W. Bush
  • Barak Obama
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Michael Wong

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Demons / "Baldricks"

Demons are the ruling inhabitants of Hell (although they are apparently immigrants, themselves). They vary widely in size, strength, and physiology, although they apparently share a common ancestor with humanity from some point in the distant past. Virtually all demons are physically stronger and tougher than humans, but the degree varies considerably among the diverse demon breeds. Most demons have the ability to generate electromagnetic forces that can affect thoughts and perceptions. Demons seem to be immortal unless killed, at least the higher ranks (there is at least one reference to reservist soldiers being old).

Demon Types

  • Greater Heralds: Much larger Harpies, Baldricks and Leviathans, these demons carry Satan's messages.
  • "Baldricks": While this term is applied to all Demons in general, it refers specially to the kind of Demon that makes up most of the ranks in Hell. Believed to be Satyrs, they are armed with Tridents they can use to deliver powerful blasts of electricity, but mostly use as melee weapon.
  • Harpies: These flying demons generate hydrogen gas to give themselves lift, enabling them to fly with their bat-like wings and attack with a jet of fire. The body chemistry that allows them to fly also makes them flammable.
  • Rhinolobsters: These massive demons resemble a giant cross between a lobster and a rhinocerous with a scorpion's tail. They do not appear to be sapient, and mostly serve as mounts for other demons. A similar beast, but without the tail, serves as demon cattle.
  • Leviathans: These are enormous aquatic demons that resemble crocodiles. They attack by spitting jets of water.
  • Gorgons: Gorgons are a relatively new breed of demon bred to be generalists, mentioned to have Succubus, Harpy, and Naga blood. They can fly and fling darts from growths around their heads; these darts deliver what amounts to a mind-control drug.
  • Succubi: Succubi are relatively small demons who generate pheromones that make humans (and presumably other demons) treat them in a friendly manner. A succubus stated they engage in sexual relations with humans to breed Nephilim. Human scientists understood it as them gathering and modifying gametes for the purpose, but it is unclear whether this is necessary, since the theory was proposed before the demons were found to be genetically close to humans.
    • Incubi: Male succubi.
  • Naga: Snakelike demons with especially powerful electromagnetic abilities, they open portals for the demons that can't. They attack with electricity blasts over considerable distances. Their increased electricity generation ability implies the large tail to be electrocyte composed like that of an electric eel.

Important Demons/Baldricks

  • Abigor: Duke of Hell and commander of the demonic invasion force. Defected to humanity after being defeated and then exiled by Satan.
  • Belial: The most imaginative of the Dukes of Hell, but still not very quick to adapt to modern warfare.
    • Euryale


Angels lack the biological diversity of demons; most of them look like attractive humans with feathered wings. Like demons, however, they are physically stronger and tougher than humans. They vary widely in size and power. Like demons, they can influence human minds with electromagnetic effects. They can also "trumpet", generating destructive sound waves with their voices. Like demons, angels share a common ancestor with humans, suggesting that they are not native to Heaven.

Angel Types

  • Seraphim: Large heads with six wings. They float around Yahweh's throne, whispering him praises.
  • Cherubim: Human sized Angels armed with swords. Other weapons are currently unknown.
  • Angels (properly said): Slightly larger than humans. Seen carrying swords, but they attack by "trumpeting"
  • Archangels: High ranking massive Angels. Their "trumpeting" is extremely powerful, and some of them (like Uriel) have other powers.

Beasts of Apocalypse

  • Leopard Beast: A massive leopard with seven heads and ten horns. Extremely resilient to damage, this creature is capable of trampling anything it comes across and create portals by itself.
  • Scarlet Beast: Similar in power to the Leopard, it is ridden by the Whore of Babylon. This powerful Angel carries a golden goblet filled with 'abominations of obscenity', which she blows to create a deadly cloud that kills whatever it touches almost instantly. She can also deliver powerful "trumpet" blasts.
  • Lamb Beast: A giant lamb. Can 'rain fire from the sky'. Later revealed to be a metaphor for Michael.
  • Red Dragon: It is said to be more powerful than all the Beasts put together. Later revealed to be a metaphor for Yahweh.

Important Angels

  • Michael: General of the Incomparable Legion of Light and owner of the Montmartre Club.
  • Lemuel: Chief investigator of the League of Holy Court.
  • Elhmas: Son of Yahweh and Commander of the Incomparable Legion of Light.
  • Uriel: Angel of death. Capable of telepathically killing millions of people at once, possibly destroying their souls (people killed by Uriel's power are not reborn in Hell or Heaven).


Beings that have an unknown origin are listed here.

  • Devils: Creatures so fearsome, Demons fear their very mention.
  • Satan: Ruler of Hell, believed to be a Devil. Extremely cruel, has no quarrels in killing his servants or sending them to their deaths.
  • Yahweh: Ruler of Heaven, heavily implied to be closely related to Satan. Mostly expresses his feelings through clouds surrounding his throne: for example, they gather and produce lightning when he is angry.
  • The Others: Satan and Yahweh fought against these beings to gain full control over humanity.
  • Orcs Native sapients of hell, conquered by the Baldricks.

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