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Fanatical Trektards speak a different language than the rest of society. To aid members of the general population who might be big enough gluttons for punishment to want to understand them, we present this helpful translation guide:


Completely obliterate everything within the stated radius.[1]
Any moment
anytime within the next week.[2]
anything the Trekkie feels like pulling out of his ass and should be treated as if it were canon.


Warsie who won't let me get away with my trektard bullshit [3]
Trektard response to avoid admitting his argument makes no sense [4]


see ‘Affect’
daring to enforce the forum rules of The trektard posts stupid, unsupported claims, commits numerous other rule violations and subsequently gets banned. He then whines on any other forum that will tolerate him about how won't tolerate his "alternative non-pro-wars" views
Collapsing buildings
all thats needed for a BDZ to turn a city covered planet's surface to slag
Consulting experts
trekkie busy removing the warsie's boot from said trekkie's ass. [5]


Death Threat
any 100% fictional story written by a warsie that includes bodily harm to one or more of the characters even if none of them actually die
Debate challenge
the Trektard gets to set any rules for declaring victory he wants.[6]
completely vaporize due 100% to the energy of the impacting weapon, even if the target is known to contain components that are known to be highly explosive, and even if debris can clearly be seen flying away from the explosion.
something that can be completely ommited if doing so helps the Trektard's argument/not doing so blows said argument out of the water. However, if a warsie leaves out the slightest bit of information when quoting, even if it has no bearing on the topic being discussed, its a delibrate lie.
Diluting the original issue
Pointing out where the Trekkie has made logical errors on a sentence by sentence basis, thereby diluting his post by "trivial quotation tactics."[7]
Discard evidence
show that the Trekkie’s assumptions regarding said evidence are bullshit.


  1. Time served.
  2. Something that can be acquired through google searching
  3. Something not applicable to/needed for debate
Emotional impact
mocking a Trektard's ridiculous self-refuting arguments; attempt to distract from the fact that the Trektard's timetable is utterly absurd.[8]
Emotional investment
being proud of one's academic accomplishments when the trektard thinks one should be ashamed of them and hide them under a rock, rather than using them to show just how far above the trekkie he is.
Enemy is no longer firing
enemy gunnery crew has been completely exterminated .
Every-day SW reader
  1. A reliable source of SW information, even though most are ignorant teenagers who sheepishly recited the ridiculous five-mile Executor claim.
  2. One of the dozen or so Darkstar cockgoblins at StarfleetJedi Forums.
  3. A legitimate, logical use of the appeal to popularity fallacy.[9]
  1. Something that does not matter in a debate about things based in fiction.
  2. Anything a Trektard feels like making up.[10]
Any idea that weakens Star Wars technology levels but which doesn't actually explain anything. When actually examined, is clearly a bunch of nonsense.[11]


Not reading the Trekkie’s responses to other posters.


  1. See 'forget'
  2. point out that something is a figment of the trektard's imagination.[12]
  3. A warsie admitting he don't have an explanation and dare to point out to the trektard that he doesn't either; that a completely undefined mechanism doesn't explain a damned thing (see 'Explanation').[13]
Ignore Evidence and/or Canon
  1. Not make the same wanked assumptions about said evidence the Trektard would.
  2. Not interpret a statement literally, even when said statement makes absolutely zero sense.
Ten or fewer members of a rival board of thousands come to embarrass me on my cum-covered VS thread. Even if some of them are regular members.


Legal threat
daring to mention to a trektard that their committing libel against one of their debate opponents might result in legal trouble in real life.
something only warsies do


something that should be interpreted literally
direct quoting
Molten Slag
almost melted planetary surface


any part of canon, official material or an official quote that the trektard doesn't like and doesn't fit in with his pet 'theories'. [14][15]
The fanatical trektard and all his trektard cockgoblins. Everyone else is a 'rabid warsie'. [16]
Not focus on (a particular issue)
not show any evidence regarding said issue at all
Not impossible
proof that it happened [17]


Override canon
not mention at all. (note, in SW, there is a hierarchy to deal with explicit contradictions in canon material. Many trektards (Andrew Joshua Talon, Husker (DM) Jay) try and claim this applies to topics the higher canon is completely silent on. In other words, if the C- or S- canon mentions a particular capability and the films say nothing about it, the Trektards interpret said silence as a contradiction.)


  1. Arguing against a Trektard. Refuting the trektard's arguments
  2. Using public information easily available about the Trektard, no matter how harmless
Planetary Shield
a weapon and therefore something Alderaan did not have because of Leia's statement that her home planet didn't have any weapons.
groundless assumption
realizing a galaxy wide conflict would require far more troops than modern day-Earth nations.[18]
Persuasive video
visual medium showing how ridiculous a Trektard's argument really is.[19]


Refute (as in an argument or piece of official SW literature)
the Trekkie doesn't like it but can't logically show it wrong.


does NOT imply that a starship is not actually moving.
Substantial Content
something that must support Trektard's delusions.[20]
grow up, face reality and get an education; to let go of the wishful thinking of ignorance
Superluminal boost
  1. sucked or shunt into
  2. something that MUST lower the energy requirement of the Death Star rather than raising it.
Suspension of disbelief
the warsie thinks Star Wars actually is real. Note that Trektards making such accusations are often the same people running around claiming Star Trek is completely realistic and predicted and/or is responsible for technological innovations like cell phones.


  1. anything that gives the trektard wet dreams, even though it isn't even defined.[21]
  2. not actually canon but the trektard will describe it as if it were, in the same sentence and in the same tone as his description of other canon facts.[22]
proving the trektard is lying through his teeth.
cannot logically mean "got one's foot stuck"[23]


selective quotations of a source. (Example: JMSpock attempts to use the half-dozen categories listed in the "SW vs ST in Five Minutes"[24] essay to prove Mike thinks the Empire has universal advantage over the Star Trek universe
Unquantifiable mechanism
a mechanism that the trektard is certain has positive energy output, thereby lowering the energy requirement of the superlaser.


so thoroughly consistent that a reliable time estimate can be generated.[25]


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