The Complete Shit List

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The complete Shitlist is a compilation by the SDN chronicles usergroup to collect data about each and every troll that has passed through SDN.

Here is a list of every troll, moron, or VI Fgalkin was able to find. So now, you have much less work to do. All you have to do now is click search, type in the username, get the posts, open the profile and get all the data you need. A job that takes 5 minutes. So, just start at the beginning of the list and go down until its done. For deleted accounts, its harder, so don't bother with them unless you want to. Also, if you remember a troll that this list missed, just add it.


  • TK =troll kingdom
  • WCOTC = World Church of the Creator
  • EF = Elite Fitness
  • PF = Plainfield punks
  • SC = Scooter Cockgoblin
  • VI = Village Idiot
  • FM = Fundamentalist Moron
  • WTPF = Worthless Trolling Palmfucker

The Name List