Thalaron radiation

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Thalaron radiation is a technobabble weapon featured in Star Trek: Nemesis. It is supposedly capable of destroying living tissue on a planetary scale, although the description of this ability is completely nonsensical. The amount stated to be required for this feat is "microscopic". Radiation does not fill a volume the way a liquid or solid does. Think of saying "a microscopic amount of sunlight". It's also described as a "biogenic" weapon which is also nonsensical, as "biogenic" means "something produced by living organisms".

Despite its bizarre description, the effects of thalaron radiation are quite observable when a medallion-sized device is used to assassinate the Romulan senate at the start of the film. Within a matter of seconds, the bodies of the senators are transformed into a substance resembling stone, albeit a soft and fragile type of stone; the bodies shattered when they toppled over and hit the ground.