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Impulse can be FTL? Huh?

  • It's an oddity from TOS. There are a few episodes - WNMHGB for instance - where the Enterprise travels between systems in hours without a working warp drive. Wether this should be in the article or if it should be considered a fluke, I don't know --Bounty 05:52, 20 November 2007 (EST)
    • It's probably just a matter of power requirements. The fusion reactors that power the impulse engines likely create enough power to run the warp drive, but not enough to go very fast at warp, and certainly not enough to do much else at the same time. Without the M/AM power from the warp core, a ship is truly limping from system to system, but it can make it a short distance. We saw something similar in TNG "Encounter at Farpoint", when the saucer section separated from the drive section. The saucer was actually able to get the rest of the way to Farpoint on its own, but it arrived well after the drive section, even though it had a substantial head start. Also, in ST2:TWOK, the Enterprise was able to limp along from where it was attacked by the Reliant to the Regula One space station; it seems unlikely that Khan would have attacked inside the Regula system. --Ted C 09:21, 20 November 2007 (EST)