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The Man Himself

Also known as the official "SDNet Teller of Tales", the man known as Stravo is single handedly responsible for the addiction of thousands of nerds to Sci-Fi fanfiction involving the crossover of two major fanchises. His dedication to quality fanfiction is surpassed only by his ability to pick up women, which he does at will.

Despite the longstanding use of a Kirk avatar, he looks nothing like a young William Shatner, although the two have never been seen in the same place.


This work, viewed thousands of times by adoring fans, is considered Stravo's Magnum Opus. The story is a combination of crossover and alternate history where the Galactic Empire triumphs after Luke Skywalker joins Darth Vader on Bespin. Luke Skywalker subsequently ends up in the Star Trek galaxy where he conquers the majority of the Alpha Quadrant in short order.

The work, estimated to be over a billion pages in length, is still ongoing and is currently in the midst of a climactic battle. To Stravo's credit, every chapter has been of incredible quality not usually seen in fanfiction (or the Star Wars EU for that matter). However, due to the addicting nature of the story, and the lack of a movie theater for fans to stand in line at, updates can not come fast enough. Fortunately the entire fiction, as well as Stravo's other works are collected in the "Cleaned Up Fanfics" subforum on SDNet.