Star Trek: Generations

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Star Trek: Generations
Generations poster.jpg

Rick Berman


David Carson


Paramount Pictures

Release Date:

November 18, 1994



Star Trek: Generations is the seventh full length motion picture in the Star Trek franchise and the first set (mostly) in the TNG era. The movie serves as a kind of bridge between the original characters and TNG.


James T. Kirk is overseeing the launching of the new Excelsior-class starship Enterprise-B. Shortly after launch, the ship is called upon to answer a distress call. The Enterprise rescues several passengers from a ship caught in the technobabble anomaly-of-the-week "ribbon", among whom are Guinan and Dr. Tolian Soran. During the rescue, the Enterprise-B is caught in the anomaly. It turns out, the ship is still lacking several systems (all of which are scheduled to be installed on Tuesday) and so Kirk tries to jury rig a solution. The plan works but a hole is blasted in the hull of the ship and Kirk is missing, presumed sucked out into space and dead.

The ribbon, it turns out, is some kind of gateway to the Nexus which is a paradise universe. In the Nexus, time has no meaning and everything is perfect. Soran and Guinan were once in this existence and Soran is obsessed with returning. However, no starship can get close enough for him to return and it doesn't pass close enough to any planets. He plans to destroy star systems to alter the trajectory of the ribbon close enough to the surface where he waits (why he doesn't just grab a shuttle, escape pod or even a space suit and launch himself straight towards the thing is a mystery, since it didn't seem to harm him.)

The Enterprise-D responds to a distress call to a space station that is under attack by Romulans. They find Dr. Soran on the space station and he launches a missile at the local star which causes the star to explode, the first of two in his plan. A Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by the Duras sisters decloaks and transports Dr. Soran and Geordi Laforge away.

Data and Picard figure out which star Soran needs to destroy to accomplish his plan and fly to the system. Picard negotiates with the Klingons for the return of Geordi in exchange for himself if he will be allowed to beam down to the surface first to negotiate with Soran. They agree, Geordi is beamed aboard the Enterprise and Picard is transported to the surface at Soran's launch site.

Picard attempts to talk Soran out of his plan. As usual, the system in question is home to millions of sentient beings who will die if Soran carries out his plan. Soran doesn't listen and continues his countdown. Picard attempts to fight Soran in order to stop the launch but fails. The missile is launched, the star destroyed and both Soran and Picard are taken into the Nexus.

Meanwhile, while still on board the BOP, Soran had planted a camera on Geordi's VISOR to transmit whatever Geordi looks at back to the Klingons. When returned to the Enterprise, Geordi unknowingly transmits the ship's shield frequency. Matching that frequency with their weapons allows the BOP to shoot straight through the Enterprise's shields (essentially more technobabble nonsense). The BOP is able to cause serious damage to the Enterpirse with this advantage, until more technobabble from the Enterprise causes the BOP to cloak, thus forcing it to lower its own shields and the Enterprise is able to quickly destroy it. However, the stardrive section is so damaged that the warp core is about to explode. They evacuate everyone into the saucer section (and we see yet another example where they idiotically take young children into hazardous situations) and separate the two halves of the ship. However, shockwave from the exploding stardrive section knocks the saucer out of orbit and crashing down to the surface of the planet. The planet and everything on it are destroyed by the exploding star.

In the Nexus, Picard finds himself celebrating Christmas with the family he never had. Being the enlightened man that he is, and with prodding from Guinan, he realizes its all an illusion and emptiness. Guinan leads him to find Kirk who has been in the Nexus ever since the incident at the start of the film. Picard enlists Kirks help to stop Soran. We are told they can go any place in space or time so of course they choose the moment Picard was fighting with Soran just before entering the Nexus (why he didn't choose to stop him back before the first star was destroyed or any other point where it would be far easier is again, a mystery known only to the writers who needed a climatic fight). Between the two of them, they are able to stop Soran but Kirk dies during the fight (for real this time, from an f***ing bridge falling on him, seriously).

Picard sets the missile to self destruct and the star does not explode. However, the saucer is still severely damaged by the crash and is considered a total loss. After all, they needed a new ship to show off in the next movie.