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The Star League Seal

The Star League is a major interstellar government from the movie, The Last Starfighter.


The Star League appears to be a democratic government with government offices on the planet Rylos. Only one government official (the Star League President) was seen, but representatives of several different races were seen in the League's starfighter base on Rylos.

Civilian Technology

The Star League has an impressive level of technology available to their civilians. They are capable of producing highly advanced androids, known as Beta Units, that can simulate the appearance, voice, and mannerisms of another living being by simply coming into contact with the person (although they do not acquire the person's memories). The appearance and behavioral match are good enough to fool people who know the subject whom the Beta Unit is replacing, but it's lack of knowledge of the subject's life can potentially give it away.

The League also has compact vehicles with interstellar stardrive capability that are no bigger then an Earth automobile. These "starcars" are capable of reaching escape velocity on an Earth-like planet in a matter of moments. The only model observed was owned by the Starfighter Command recruitment agent Centauri, so some of the vehicle's capabilities may be additional options, such as its apparent stealth capability, added by him as part of his recruitment activities. The vehicles can convert from ground modes to starship modes in a split second and when doing so their wheels fold in similar to how an aircraft's landing gear operate. It is not possible to tell if the starcar's wheels have any actual drive power on their wheels or if the movement is controlled from an interior drive system that propels the craft. The vehicles have to have some type of anti-gravity technology in order to fly while in starship mode.



The Star League is defended by the Frontier, one of the most impressive interstellar structures in science fiction history. Based on the electronic monitoring displays, the Frontier covers the entirety of Star League territory, blocking all access to it by the hostile forces of the Kodan Armada. The Frontier is so powerful that without inside information, it is impossible for the Kodan to penetrate the massive mega-structure.


The Star League's only known military organization is Starfighter Command. Starfighter Command consists of a fleet of Gunstar heavy starfighters used to maintain order in the league. The entire force is based at a large hanger facility on the planet Rylos, which is the closest Star League planet to the Kodan and the Frontier.

The Star League makes use of automation in the operation of their facilities, most likely to keep personnel demands low, making them vulnerable to internal sabotage. It is clear that because the Frontier stood for generations, worries about infiltration and the need for reserve control systems were forgotten. Once their computer control system was disabled, their point defense batteries stopped functioning. This resulted in the loss of most of the starfighter base, numerous personnel, and all of the active Gunstar crews.


"You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada."

The Star League uses an electronic test, referred to as the "Excalibur test," to determine if potential recruits would make good gunners for their Gunstars. These tests are used by independent recruiting agents. These agents seem to have a large degree of freedom in their actions, though there are laws regulating their activities (such as not administering the Excalibur test on planets that are not yet League members). No matter how new gunners are recruited, there appears to be a financial bounty paid to the agent for every recruit they bring into Starfighter Command.

At least one of their agents, Centauri, is known for his less than honest methods in recruiting new "starfighters." He is known to have used the Excalibur test with dubious legality. Most recently he "invented" a new test (possibly just a modified Excalibur test) for use on worlds not yet inducted into the Star League, an Earth-technology video game.

Threat Assessment

Star League territory is protected by an energy barrier known as the Frontier. Internal threats are handled by the League's fleet of Gunstars. There is no evidence of any other major League military assets. The League does not appear to be interested in expansion, and worlds within its territory that are relatively undeveloped are left alone until they "mature".