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A snowspeeder is a repulsorlift vehicle seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance acquired a number of Incom T-47 airspeeders. Despite their civilian origins, Rebel engineers and mechanics modified these vehicles into capable combat aircraft, arming them with laser cannons and tow cables. Those Rebel engineers were very adept at modifying the vehicles for operating in specialized environments improving their operational performance in those conditions. Modified speeders took on the nickname for the specific environment they were altered to operate in, Snowspeeders, Sandspeeders, etc. Snowspeeders played a major role during the Battle of Hoth.

The craft are armed with a pair of medium Blasters and a Harpoon/Tow Cable launcher. While their cannons proved to be no match for the heavy armor on the massive AT-AT Walkers deployed by the Empire at Hoth, Rebel pilots were able to use the tow cables to good effect to entangle the legs of the Imperial walkers, disabling at least one of them.