Size of the SW Galaxy

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The accepted minimum size of the Star Wars galaxy comes from several sources. Some have described the Galactic Empire at its height as controlling approximately a million worlds, among them the novelization of Star Wars: A New Hope. Using this information and scaling in accordance with data on the Chommell sector, one can obtain some startling data.

"[Naboo is the capital of] 36 full-member worlds and more than 40,000 settled dependencies, and 300,000,000 barren stars."[1] This single sentence provides a basis for this analysis. Assuming that other sectors have at least 40,000 settled dependencies or more (not an unreasonable assumption, as the Chommell Sector is noted as being "sparsely populated") and that these figures are a typical ratio across the galaxy, these figures give us slightly more than a trillion (1,081,081,081) colonies and 8.1E12 stars in the Galactic Empire.

This figure for stars is significantly larger than that for the Milky Way, and may suggest the larger size of the Galaxy Far Far Away, as well as the complete cataloging of 'brown dwarf' type objects and other stellar bodies.


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