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A sector army is the total sum of land forces in a sector. A sector army is commanded by a Surface Marshal, but this is usually just another rank bestowed onto the Moff or Grand Moff who commands the sector.

The minimum size of a Sector Army is 1.18 million men, of which 774,576 are combat troops, who have at their disposal 66,000 repulsorcraft of all types, and 13,992 heavy tanks.

The Empire has upwards of several thousand Sector Armies available to it, which is impressive, even taking into account WEG minimalism.

Implications for Karen Traviss Books

In the Traviss books, the author describes the Grand Army of the Republic, as numbering 3 million clones, which is clearly absurd, considering that the smallest Region in the Empire contains three Sectors, meaning that the total sum of land forces within that Region outnumbers the Grand Army of the Republic by 500,000~ men.

This does not even begin to get into the fact that some regions of the Empire contain upwards of thousands of sectors.


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