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=Popular Military Assets=
*[[F100 Frigate]]
*[[DDG-51 Arleigh Burke]]
*[[CG-47 Ticonderoga]]
==Air Force==
*[[MiG-25 FOXBAT]]
*[[Su-27 FLANKER]]
*[[Su-25 FROGFOOT]]
*[[F-15 Eagle]]
*[[F-16 Falcon]]
*[[F-22 Raptor]]


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SD.net World is a role playing thread started by Zor, originally created as a RAR! thread in a similar nature to several other sucsessful RAR! threads involving giving each SD.net control over certain things of power eventually evolving into a formalized. In this thread, each established and not banned SD.net board member is given command of his/her own nation.

The "SDNet World" has undergone at least three different phases so far; the first phase being the raw RAR thread in Off-Topic; which was subsequently moved to the Games/STGODs forum and partially reborn in a more structured manner. After that storyline ended in a nuclear war, it went on a temporary hiatus and is currently undergoing it's third rebirth as a far more structured and rules-oriented STGOD.

SDN World Mark I (2008-2010)

Ran From: xx to xx
Reason For Termination: Uncontrolled Global Thermonuclear War

Notable Powers

SDN World Mark II (2008-TBD)

Ran From: xx to Ongoing

Notable Powers

Popular Military Assets


Air Force


The size and power of one's individual nation is based directly on one's postcount. Some level of customization is allowed, but this represents the basic upper limit of the size and capacity of each nation.


50-1,000 posts (or having a negative custom title)-Duchy -An island between 7,500 Square KM -Either 250,000 people at a first world level of income or 500,000 at a second world level -A military of 1,000-2,500 personel (depending on US) and a basic fleet of a couple of Patrol boats and choppers for naval policing. You can de-militerize if so you desire, as is the case with every one of these nations. -Able to meet local demands for basic foodstuffs, as well as having a single industry/resource export of note, GDP $6,250,000,000 USD per year

A "Duchy", at 7,500 sq.km, is slightly smaller than the island of Crete, at 8,336 sq.km.


1,001-2,500 posts-Principality -An Island/Island chain with 35,000 square kilometers -Population: 2.5 Million first world, 5 million second world -A military with 15,000-30,000 personel with a couple of jet fighters, a dozen or so APCs and other light AFVs and a pair of Halifax-class frigate to go along with a fleet of patrol ships -Able to meat local food demands, as well as having some local manufacuring of consumer goods and resource export, GDP $62,500,000,000 USD per year

A "Principality", at 35,000 sq. km, is slightly smaller that Switzerland, at 41,285 sq.km.


2,501-5,000 Posts-Kingdom -Total Land Area, 250,000 square kilometers -Population: 15 million first world, 30 million second world -Military, 100,000-200,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment to Royal Army, 150 Jet Fighters, 10 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 40 Halifax Class Frigates and 10 modern Diesel submarines -Able to produce enough food for export, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and some shipbuilding, GPD-$375,000,000,000 USD per year

A "Kingdom", at 250,000 km, is about the size of Italy sans Sicily & Sardinia.


5,001-20,000 regular posters, Senators and mods minimum-Tsardom -Total Land Area, 500,000 square kilometers -Population: 30 million first world -Military, 400,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment to double the Royal Army, 300 Jet Fighters, 20 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 60 Halifax Class Frigates and 20 modern Diesel submarines -Able to produce enough food for export, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and shipbuilding, GPD-$750,000,000,000 USD per year

A "Tsardom", with 500,000 sq. km. is about the size of Spain...504,030 sq.km.


20,001+, Supermods and Administrators-Imperium -Total Land Area, 1,000,000 square kilometers -Population: 60 million first world -Military, 800,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment comprable to that of the Russian Federation in scale, 600 Jet Fighters, 40 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 120 Halifax Class Frigates and 20 Virginia class Attack subs, one Nimitz class Carrier -Major food exporter, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and shipbuilding, GPD-$1,500,000,000,000 USD per year

For land area remember that an "Imperium", at 1,000,000 square kilometers, is a little bigger than Egypt, at 980,869 sq. km.

Beginning Naval Assets:

Naval Assets can be converted on the following System, Military Equipment may be swapped for analouges.

2 Halifax FFGs Can be exchanged for a 1 Burke DDG 2 Burke DDGs can be exchanged for 1 Ticonderoga CG/Kirov CGN 2 Ticonderoga CGs/Kirov CGNs can be exchanged for 1 Nimitz CVN 2 Modern diesel submarines can be exchanged for 1 Virginia SSN

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