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The new Federation mini-van.
The Danube-class runabout is a Federation vessel, designed to bridge the gap between the smaller shuttlecraft and larger starships. Unlike the former, it is capable of prolonged missions, making it a valuable asset to starbases and larger starships. The class was introduced in 2368[1].

Physical description

The Danube is 23.1 meters long, 13.7 meters wide at the nacelles and 5.4 meters high[2]. It consists of three main sections:

  • The cockpit has seating for the pilot and co-pilot as well as computer stations for additional crewmembers. A small transporter and a replicator are located at the back of this cockpit.
  • The midsection was never shown on-screen; it presumably houses the oft-mentioned cargo hold.
  • The aft section houses the crew accommodations, including a dining table, bunks and an additional terminal[3].

A Jefferies Tube was shown to run along the spine of the craft, underneath the warp core housing[4].

The craft can be entered and exited through doors on the side of the cockpit or an emergency hatch[5].

Features and abilities

The class possesses many of the same features as full-sized starships, albeit on a smaller scale - tractor beams, shields, phasers, a transporter, warp drive and sensors[6]. The Danube is capable of atmospheric flight and planetary landing.

Depending on the mission profile, a mission module could be added to a hardpoint at the top of the craft. These could carry additional sensors or an external photon torpedo launcher[7].


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