Romulan Star Empire

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Emblem of the Romulan Empire
Tomalak, a male Romulan
Toreth, a female Romulan

The Romulan Star Empire is a major political entity in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy in Star Trek.


The Romulan Empire is ruled by a Praetor with the support of a Senate. The seat of government is on the planet Romulus. The empire appears to be a totalitarian police state, complete with a secret police service known as the Tal'Shiar. The means by which government officials obtain their positions is not known.


Romulans are descended from Vulcans who left their homeworld centuries ago and eventually settled on Romulus (although they left artifacts scattered around the Alpha Quadrant during their migration). Despite their close genetic relationship, Romulans do not appear to have the same telepathic abilities found among Vulcans, nor do they appear to have the superhuman strength typical of Vulcans.[1]


The Romulan Star Empire shares borders with both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Their border with the Federation is marked by a Neutral Zone several light-years across; by treaty, neither the Federation nor the Romulan Empire is allowed to deploy military assets in the Neutral Zone.

The full extent of Romulan territory is unknown.

Threat Assessment

Romulan technology is comparable to that of their neighbors in the Alpha Quadrant. They appear to have an expansionist agenda, but they lack the resources to overcome their allied enemies, the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Consequently, the Romulans have devoted their recent efforts to breaking that alliance through a variety of covert operations. The Romulans have one of the best-developed intelligence networks in the Alpha Quadrant and make extensive use of cloaking technology.


  1. In Star Trek (2009), the Romulan miners do demonstrate superhuman strength.