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Retribution-class battleship
The Retribution-class battleship is a heavy capital warship in the Imperial Navy of the Imperium of Man. The class is one of the oldest classes, built in the Martian Shipyards. They are notable for mounting an all big gun armament, with a dorsal Lance battery. Battleships of this class include the heavily armored prow and forward torpedo tubes typical of Imperial capital ships.

Ships of this class are considered backbones of the Imperial Navy and often serve as a flagships; however, the lack of an enhanced sensor and communications suite makes the Emperor-class the preferred choice for this mission type. Retribution-class ships are employed in large scale engagements, where the sheer weight of firepower spewed from their broadsides makes up for lack of lance batteries. Due to poor manuverability, they require plenty of escorts to deal with fast threats.