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Red Dwarf is a long-running British Sci-Fi comedy that was the brainchild of Doug Naylor and Rob Grant. First broadcast in 1988 and continuing until 1999 (with several breaks in between) it recieved widespread acclaim and a large fanbase both in and outside the UK.


The series follows the misadventures of space bum Dave Lister and his bunkmate Arnold Judas Rimmer, a pair of vending machine repairmen on the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Red Dwarf. After being placed in stasis for refusing to give up a cat he had smuggled on board, Lister is revived three million years later to discover that he is the last human being alive, though he is joined by a hologram simulation of his former bunkmate and a creature that evolved from his cat (know as Cat).[1]

The first two seasons revolve around Lister and Rimmers mutual animosity with perodic interjections of the Cats bizarre behaviour.

From season three onwards they are joind by a Mechanoid named Kryten and part way through season seven Rimmer is replaced by an alternate universe version of Chrisitne Kochanski, Lister's long time love interest.[2]


Red Dwarf was largely well recieved with serious criticism reserved for Series Eight which saw the theme of Lister being the last human alive abandoned with the resurection of the ships crew and the return to the original concept of the odd couple in space.


Rumors of a Red Dwarf movie have been floating around the internet since the series ended in 1999 with various statements from Doug Naylor being made. At times he has claimed that a script has been written but has not been funded or that the BBC and other studies have declined to pick it up, claiming that the cast must be changed or that Red Dwarf is not profitable.

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