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Julius Sykes (alias Publius) has been active in various on line communities since 1998, and in 2002 was the 33rd person to register an account on the StarDestroyer.Net forums. He is the author/illustrator of the Domus Publica; many of the articles featured on that site are based on posts originally written for debates on the SD.N forums. His area of specialism is the constitutional structure, politics, and history of the Galactic Empire, and also the life and times of Palpatine of Naboo.

He is a member of the Imperial Senate and The Mess, and was mentioned in the acknowledgements section of the Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections.

He does not refer to himself in the first person in public areas of the forums, typically preferring "the author." His stated location is Novus Ordo Sæculorum (A New Order of Ages).